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  • GPS Connection: Harnessing advanced GPS technology, the GALT01 delivers spot-on data for a superior driving experience.
  • Elevation Gauge: No matter the altitude, be constantly aware of your vehicle's height above sea level.
  • Pitch & Roll Monitoring: Navigate treacherous terrains with confidence. Understand your vehicle's pitch and roll angles in real-time to make informed driving decisions.
  • Electronic Compass: Stay oriented with the built-in compass that shows the direction the vehicle is travelling, making every journey seamless.
  • Speedometer: Get real-time speed metrics powered by precise GPS data, ensuring you're always in control.
  • On-board Thermometer: From chilly mountain drives to desert roads, know the inside cabin temperature at all times for a comfortable ride.
  • Universal Power Compatibility: With 12-24V DC compatibility, this device seamlessly hardwires into virtually any vehicle.
  • Secure Adhesive Mount: Experience hassle-free mounting, the included adhesive mount ensures your display remains firmly fixed to your dashboard throughout your adventure.

The Gator GALT01 4x4 Inclinometer Off-Road Vehicle Information Display is the adventurer's ultimate companion. Designed for off-road enthusiasts, this cutting-edge device combines precision with robust features. With its advanced GPS connection, drivers receive accurate data on their journey, whether tracking their speed or identifying their position above sea level. Navigating uneven terrains becomes a breeze with the real-time pitch and roll angle readings, ensuring every manoeuvre is made with confidence. Lost in the wilderness? The electronic compass keeps you on course, guiding your vehicle in the right direction. In addition, the on-board thermometer provides instant temperature insights inside the cabin, optimising cabin comfort. Seamless integration is guaranteed with its 12-24V DC compatibility, suitable for hardwire installation in almost any vehicle. Completed with a secure adhesive mount, the GALT01 remains your reliable companion on the roughest terrains. With Gator, every off-road journey is a knowledgeable and confident adventure.


  • Pitch Angle: -40 Degrees - +40 Degrees
  • Roll Angle: -40 Degrees - +40 Degrees
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1° Degree
  • Voltage Measurement Range: DC 5-30V
  • Voltage Measurement Accuracy: 0.5 V
  • Speed Precision: <0.36 Km/h
  • GPS Start Time (Cold) more