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Gator Dash Cam App

The Gator team are proud to present the latest Dash Cam app, which works for ALL of the Gator wifi cameras. Find out more.

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Connection errors?

Quickest solution: Enable Airplane mode, then turn wifi back on and connect to the camera.

Airplane mode info for Android
Airplane info for Apple

There is a known issue with modern phones which seems to affect all wifi based dash-cameras, and both major phone brands: network routing.
It appears as connection issues, but is basically your phone refusing to use Wifi to access the subnet, because you have an internet connection.
One fix is to force it (eg: disable mobile internet). At least the first time, after that, it might work, but it's definitely more reliable when the mobile internet is disconnected. This basically bypasses the "is there an internet connection" check. Your phone might still complain and try and switch back, or to another WiFi network that has internet.

This only fixes the issue if that was the problem, there is also issues with other wifi networks, and the way wifi auto-reconnects when it detects the camera's network. It helps to not enable Auto-Reconnect or Auto-Join on dash-cam networks, ensure that is off.

Other tips:

  • Ensure Location permissions are enabled for the app, this is used to enable/access Wifi, because it is possible to identify your location via the wifi network you are connected to it is classified as a Location.
  • Make sure you are typing the correct SSID, or copy it from the wifi (there's a button for that) and ensure you are entering the correct password. If your phone can't connect, then the app can't make your phone connect.
  • Stay in range of the camera, wifi is good, but it's not infinite, so the closer you are the better it is, also the faster it is. The further the signal has to travel the slower it will be.. (inverse square law etc). Tracking

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Legacy Models

We provide an archive of old manuals, by Model number.

Legacy Dash Cams

Gator Legacy Cameras

How to view the footage?

We are building a new desktop app to help, won't be long now!

How to connect?

The instruction manual should be available in our archive, and should include full instructions on connection specific to each model.

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