Gtrack3g Service Alert

In June of 2018 we had an issue with our supplier, leaving Gtrack3g devices inoperative, this was the restore instructions for that, however, now we suggest you migrate your device to our new monitoring platform (free for Gator customers!)

Best option: Upgrade here

The following steps are required to restore service:

  • Send an SMS to change the IP address it communicates with, like:
  • With message: adminip123456 7700
  • Unless you've changed the password, then use that password, eg: adminip123123123 .. etc

Apologies from Gator & the team at TDJ.

Verbatim message from suppliers site:

All tracker will not work during 21:00pm to 23:00pm 11th July(China time) due to platform change new server. Please setting new IP and port via SMS command by yourself if your trackers still not working after server move finish. SMS command is "adminip123456 7700".
We hereby apologize for the inconvenience brought to your work . [sic]